How many pairs of glasses should one have?

How many pairs of glasses should one have?

Crafting Your Ideal Eyewear Collection

Deciding how many pairs of glasses to own often depends on your lifestyle and unique needs. Shades Eyeconic has a diverse selection to help you find the perfect eyewear for any occasion. Here's a guide on how different pairs can enrich your collection:

1. Primary Pair

Your daily-wear pair of glasses is your everyday companion, ensuring optimal vision correction and style. Our range includes timeless classics and trendy designs that will make your primary pair a reflection of your personality.

2. Backup Pair

Life happens, and a backup pair is a safety net for when your primary glasses go missing or need repair. Shades Eyeconic offers affordable frames without compromising style and quality, so you can always be prepared.

4. Sport-Specific Pair

Stay active without compromising vision clarity. Our sports glasses are designed with durability and comfort, perfect for athletes or those who love outdoor adventures.

5. Polarized Pair

If you spend much time outdoors or driving, a pair of polarized lenses can be a game-changer. They reduce glare, enhance contrast, and provide clearer vision under bright conditions. Shades Eyeconic offers a range of polarized glasses that are both functional and fashionable, ensuring your eyes stay protected while you look great.

6. Fashion or Statement Pair

Express yourself with bold frames that make a statement. Our array of colorful, unique, and stylish frames will add flair to any outfit or occasion.

Shop with Us Today!

Whether you need a primary pair, backup pair, or statement-making frames, Shades Eyeconic has what you want. Visit our online store to explore our vast collection and enjoy our competitive prices! Find your perfect pairs at Shades Eyeconic and elevate your eyewear game!! 

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